How to Create SEO Content That Drives Conversions

Posted by Haley Osborne on Feb 10, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Every website owner strives to have a constantly increasing conversion rate. The concept of conversion should be understood as an increase in the visitors' number to the website with a certain target action. Increasing website conversion leads to a revenue increase, so every owner is willing to use all available tools to achieve this goal.

One of the proven ways to increase website conversion is to create quality SEO content. About this, digital marketers still could not reach a consensus. Some believe the text should be saturated with keywords matching users' frequency queries. Others believe content should be created primarily for people. I think that SEO content driving conversions should contain keywords and be exciting and credible for people.


What is SEO content that drives conversions?



SEO content that drives conversions is optimized text enhanced by other types of content (pictures, animations, videos, quizzes, etc.) with selling elements. Its main feature is a double benefit: traffic and conversions. It is an excellent option for a minimum budget.

I believe that SEO should always be in the first place. First comes traffic, then conversions. Why is this? Because even lousy SEO text can bring in customers. If you write a polished conversion text, spend a week studying your target audience, spend hours talking to customers to get important information from them for your text, and just publish it, it will be of virtually no use. 

The only benefit can be if leads are already warm and need to be pushed. Then you give them a link to your conversion text, and they decide in your favor. Otherwise, the conversion text will just stay on the website, taking up space.


How to create SEO content that drives conversions: SEO tips in 2022

I will not cover the SEO tips in detail because there is a 7-point On-page SEO Checklist. Below are the essential SEO tips for content driving conversions.

Pick up the keywords and do not rely on smart algorithms that will figure it all out


Search engine ranking algorithms change frequently, but whatever changes happen, SEO is not going to die. You must have keywords if your goal is conversions, not just traffic. 


Study the top of the Google search results


Look at what's at the top of the search result. You should analyze the structure of web pages, how much volume is, and what internal and external links. It makes sense to study the top of search results because some of the websites at the top change, and some stay there for a long time. You must focus on the texts on those pages sitting firmly in high positions. They are complicated to knock out of there.

Remember that texts are good and content is great, but a competitor may use some behavioral factor tricks. So you have to be prepared that even if you copy the structure, volume, and internal links, there will still be no result.


Insert the keywords and meta tags in the text


You don't have to rely on algorithms. Nothing prevents you from thinking about people, but carefully write the meta tags. If you put the keyword in the same title, there is no 100% guarantee that you will get to the top for this keyword, but you significantly increase your chances of being at the top.


Strengthen the text with internal and external links

External links are expensive. But, for example, you can get almost free links from YouTube. Find a video with useful content on your topic. Under that content, write a comment along the lines of, "Great, I liked these points, but I've read an article where some points are better covered," and throw in a link to your content. This simple method still works, drives traffic, and enhances your content. Also, I advise you to read an article on internal linking mistakes.


How to create content that drives conversions: conversion tips

Below are 4 conversion tips that will help your SEO content drive conversions. If they are difficult for you, writing services like Essay Tigers can write compelling content that will drive conversions.


Choose an attractive topic for the content

The content topic is one of the most critical components of effective SEO content that drives conversions. Sometimes I spend 2-3 hours finding the right topic, sometimes even more, because it is crucial.


The topic of your article is also its primary keyword. If you think the topic is exciting and valuable, check if it is attractive to anyone else. Check with Serpstat or other services topics you selected. There has to be a search query frequency. This is very important.


The topic should reveal your business potential. When you're writing SEO content that drives conversions, mention your client's experience or your own. For example, let's take the topic of real estate investing in Metaverse



I wrote for a real estate agency and chose this topic because my clients were working on finding apartments with investment potential in Metaverse. In the article, I covered the topic thoroughly. There was data about clients who worked with Metaverse realtors. I wrote about the Metaverses, where their clients were buying apartments. I gave data on the initial cost of the apartment and how it was sold profitably. The article contained only specific data, such as Metaverses who could be trusted.

Another sign of a compelling topic for SEO content that drives conversions: there should be no high-quality material on this topic in the search results. You should take the topic, search this request on Google and see what kind of articles are there, whether they are helpful or not, and on what websites they are published. If there are many articles on cool websites with superb design, elaborate videos, and pictures on the topic you've chosen, you can fight, but the chances you will get to the top are few.

I've already said that even if all the conditions are against you - it doesn't mean that you won't make it to the top. There is a chance, but we have a limited budget, so you have to think 10 times and check everything 10 times. If the budget is unlimited, then you can choose every topic you find and try everything. Something will succeed; something will not succeed. Did not come up - no big deal. But if the budget for 5-10 articles, you have to think everything through. You have to be sure to check the top and, in no case, use a topic that strong competitors have already occupied.




The topic should be of interest to people who have money and a desire to make an order. Well, that makes sense. If we use some topic with a "do-it-yourself" or "free" prefix, that topic is unlikely to bring in customers. That topic can bring traffic, and there's some benefit from traffic, too. At the very least, if an article with this topic breaks out to the top and brings traffic, it will improve trust from search engines. But again, we focus on the budget. It is better to select the topic that will bring traffic and customers. A topic with keywords like "free" and "with their own hands" seldom leads to customers.


Reveal your business in texts

If the text is about investments, mention how your company helped your client make money on investments. In this case, you should use a very conversion key "virtual real estate investment example":

  • With it, you natively advertise services
  • You should add a keyword that uses the word "example." This keyword offers a high conversion. Here are more examples: "website development for a large online store example," "website development for a lawyer example," and "web studio promotion: use case or example". Keywords like these attract hot, already-ready-to-order customers.

Reinforce the theory with customer comments. Even if you cite someone else's article, the client's expert comments will show their level.

For example, you're working on a lawyer's website. You write about what to do for people involved in website development from a practitioner's perspective. You give examples. And that will seriously enhance your content and promote your company once again.


Use branded content


When you have a branded illustration template, it's much easier to pick up images for an article. Selecting a striking picture sometimes takes as long as writing an article. But if you already have a template, it's much easier.

If you pick a picture from scratch, it takes you two or more hours. If you already have a template for branded content, it takes 10-20 minutes. I speak from my experience.

Branded content is more persuasive. The potential clients come to the website and see that there are not just pictures from photo stock but specifically designed for the website. And they trust more the website and content presented. Any elements that can be used for persuasiveness or loyalty should definitely be added to the content. Branded content increases brand recall.




For example, potential customers search for "window replacement" or "wood window installation." They come to your website with instructions for installing windows, see your article, and something they may not like. But even if they spend 3-5 seconds on the website, they will see a branded infographic, which will be stored in their memory. If they will search for an article again, for example, "how to do the right window sills," perhaps they will return to your website. And for the third time, they will boldly enter the name of your website in the search. First, you increase traffic. Second, you do not lose customers. And thirdly, you increase the number of brand requests and potential customer referrals.

The more people come to your website for branded queries, the higher the position of the website on your topic's high competition and low competition queries.

Branded content is harder to steal. Often bad people stupidly copy other people's articles along with pictures. If they copy your article where there is no company name, no illustration, and no name of your website, you will suffer a direct loss. They will take away your article, and you will get nothing in return.

If the thieves copy (and it often happens with the pictures), then at least they will increase your coverage and your recognition. That is, the thieves will contribute to the promotion of your brand.


Work on content comprehensively


If you want to write one article and hit the top with it, it's unlikely. It happens, even on a crooked website, but you need 5-10 good articles to have a chance. Search engines are better for treating websites that have multiple web pages. Not necessarily a thousand, but you need at least 5 properly designed web pages, plus it is essential to organize properly linking.

Try to answer all the questions of potential customers in the articles and give links to relevant queries.

1 article - not much chance to get clients and stay on top of Google search results. 10 articles - a good chance. 100 articles - very cool, but often there is no budget for 100 articles.

Another point. If you have a lot of articles and few links, it's also not very good in terms of SEO. It is better to have 10 cool articles than 100 average ones.


Key takeaways

So, we have discussed the process and tips for creating SEO content for high conversions. Now let`s sum up all the above-mentioned data.


Basic SEO things you should do to create SEO content that drives conversions:

  • Pick up the keywords and do not rely on smart algorithms that will figure it all out
  • Study the top of the Google search results
  • Insert the keywords and meta tags in the text
  • Strengthen the text with internal and external links


Conversion things you should do to create SEO content that drives conversions:

  • Choose an attractive topic for the content
  • Reveal your business in texts
  • Use branded content
  • Work on content comprehensively

Try to focus on the content creation process, and you will quickly get the first results.


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