How Technology Is Changing Employee Continuing Education Programs

Posted by Kaya Johnson on Oct 23, 2018 10:36:21 AM

Learning Possibilities at Work – A Myth?

When thinking about technology in relation to the largest companies, the first thought that crosses one’s mind is that it is used only in the internal processes inside the company. However, the advancement of technology has left a mark and now it can be a part of the company culture as well. When it comes to deciding to join one employer over the other, an employee might consider several aspects, among which is the possibility to grow and learn as they advance in their job.


Technology – How Is It Used by Employing Companies?

We are all inclined to feel that once our studies finish, our capabilities to learn or resources to dive into new research areas end as well. However, learning should definitely continue even after the exams and classes are over and the employers should take note of how offering new technological ways to explore one’s area of expertise further can contribute to the company’s greater good.

Technological advancement is now a part of our life, so companies offering access to new ways of becoming familiar with it and making use of it will always be the employers of choice for any individual. By using AR technology, the training processes become more accessible, as it will help skip long and unattractive traditional ways of learning and enjoy a pleasant educational process.


3 Ways of Using Technology in Education Programs

The advantages of using technology to support educational programs in companies are numerous. Most of the time, it falls on the managers of respective companies to make the necessary changes and create a strong relationship between employees and the idea of constant learning and advancement in their career.

  • Technology on mobile devices: engaging employees with training courses on their mobile devices can prove a lot more productive than relying solely on using the work computer. By creating a mobile learning app, for example, the educational courses can become part of an employee’s daily life, even after work.
  • Provide resources, including tools or new educational methods, such as AR technology, which can contribute to sustainable learning programs.
  • Make use of the social media platforms – this will help your employees feel they are updated with the latest company news and build connections. For example, whenever an employee finishes an educational program, they will be able to share it with their colleagues on social media platforms. Having your employees spread the word about how many growth possibilities the company is offering through educational programs can become the best business card for the company.


All in all, using the latest technology to provide the most competitive educational programs will make employees feel they are advancing in their career. This will increase their productivity and will result in the long-term retention and amazing results for every company, so this is a chance not to miss. All employers should take time to investigate how they can make their employees feel successful, and learning can soon become the most engaging company culture option.


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