The Rise of Certification Training in Healthcare

Posted by Mariam Davis on Feb 8, 2022 2:55:54 PM

Since 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported an increase in demand for medical technicians. Medical technicians are needed to reduce the heavy workload that both doctors and nurses have due to an aging population. Furthermore, these jobs are more closely related to nursing, dental hygiene, and medical transcription than in years past. As a result, healthcare training careers are becoming more highly sought after. The demand is being driven by the aging population and government-driven healthcare policy.

The demand for health workers is high right now, with more than 40 percent of the American workforce being classified as "low skilled" job seekers. In our context-driven world, health careers are rapidly expanding thanks to the availability of affordable training courses and opportunities with no requirement for a college degree. In doing so, they're uncovering new fields that even stay-at-home parents can pursue.

The growing need for healthcare professionals has opened many career opportunities that don't require a degree to enter. These include medical assistant positions, nurse practitioner jobs, and dental hygienist careers.

Some ways in which the demand for health workers has opened so many careers in healthcare that can be obtained with certification training include:


Growth in high-end medical careers

Employers have turned to outsourcing the non-clinical, non-technical parts of running a hospital. The demand for medical assistants and nurse practitioners has surged as a result. Many hospitals are already looking to fill their job vacancies now with senior nurse practitioners since they've realized they can save up to $90,000 per position by not hiring a mid-level practitioner.


"Gap" careers

Many careers in the healthcare field that don't require college degrees are also perfect fallback careers for stay-at-home parents who want to earn some money without leaving home. This can include jobs such as home health aides or personal caregivers.


Flexible career choices

Traditionally, earning a college degree was the only way to find an excellent job in healthcare. However, there are many options for health workers who don't want to spend years and thousands of dollars obtaining a degree to enter the industry.

The changing healthcare landscape is exciting news for those who want to work in the field. But many downsides go with job opportunities that don't require a college diploma or relevant work experience.

Some great examples of careers in healthcare that can be obtained with certification training include;


EKG technicians

An EKG technician's main intention as part of a team is to use technical skills to help ensure a correct diagnosis. In a healthcare setting, patients are on the move and need technicians to perform tests for various body parts. So to become an EKG technician, you will need a certification training program that trains you in the various methods used.

Before you start working, you need to apply for certification through your state agency which deals with public safety, or an accredited private organization such as the American Association of cardiology. You will have to meet their requirements and pass an exam before issuing you your card.


Medical billing and coding

Medical billing and coding are some of the fastest-growing careers in healthcare.

It could be said that a medical billing specialist is an equal combination of business and medical person, as they must know about business principles such as revenue and expenses, profit margins, and manage things like payroll. They have to have strong knowledge of the medical world, including anatomy, diseases, and operations. They must also be meticulous about detail as they have to identify exactly what procedure was performed for each patient and any related services.

Careers in medical billing are estimated to grow another 15% over the next decade, so it's a highly fast-growing career field that provides a large number of opportunities for new graduates.


Pharmacy technicians

Many pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies only, but there are 100s of other career opportunities available. Pharmacy technicians must possess a school diploma and five years of experience before applying for certification. Their primary duties include:

  • Maintaining the pharmacy records,
  • Setting up patient medication lists,
  • Checking patient's prescription and administering medication.

Careers in pharmacy can be especially good for people who love working with people and enjoy helping others or want to use their knowledge to benefit society. There are also many opportunities to take career paths outside of pharma, such as working in retail or health food stores that sell supplements or health foods.


Clinical medical assistants

These are healthcare support specialists who provide direct care to patients under the direction of a physician and perform administrative duties, including scheduling appointments and taking medical histories. They may also run tests as directed by physicians, assist in surgery, and give injections.

Clinical medical assistants are not required to have a certification at most places, but it is helpful for career advancement. A training course in medical assisting can be beneficial for advancing your career if you intend to work closely with patients.


Final Words

There is a great career field for the healthcare professional with certification training. Certification is not easy and can be challenging, but if you want to succeed in this field, it takes dedication and the application of knowledge gained from certification training. The one thing you must have is the drive to succeed.



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