The Suddenly Remote Playbook

Posted by Toptal on Jul 27, 2020 9:47:27 AM



The COVID-19 pandemic was a surprise for the world. People and businesses
managing through their daily routines suddenly find themselves go through a
transformation – leaving behind the world as they knew it.

The future of work can go many ways but right now, remote work is here and
companies are rushing into it in order to survive. Companies such as Google,
Apple, Microsoft, Chevron, AT&T, and Spotify have embraced remote work. Even
entire populations have been required to work from home. Now, companies of
all sizes ask: “How do you do it right? How do you run a remote operation as
efficiently as possible?”

If there were one company able to give us answers, it would be Toptal. Known as
the world’s largest fully distributed workforce, Toptal has spent a decade forging
what it means to be a completely remote company.

In an effort to give back to the world, Toptal is going to share how they did it. In
this Playbook, they will be sharing knowledge from across all areas of remote
work experience, from best practices in Slack, Zoom etiquette, to advice for
managers of remote teams and, most importantly, how to create and foster a
culture and work environment built on trust.

A company’s business continuity plan has now become an important part of
preparing for today and onwards. Since companies cannot risk not operating for
months or even years, Toptal wishes to help other organizations struggling to
embrace the new normal by sharing their experience.

Furthermore, this Playbook also has a collection of interviews from several of
their leadership team members throughout different sections. These podcasts
provide companies an inside look directly from the team members who work at

The Toptal Suddenly Remote Playbook contains:

Part 1. “People: Building and Sustaining a Strong Remote Team
Part 2. “Culture: Creating a Values-based Culture”
Part 3. “Productivity: The Path to Effective Remote Work”
Part 4. “Security & Support: Staying Secure and Making IT Work”
Part 5. “Tools: Software for an Asynchronous and Organized Workplace”
Part 6. “Common Problems: Getting Ahead of Pitfalls While Working Remote”


To learn more and to read the whole guide, you can find The Suddenly Remote
Playbook here



The Suddenly Remote Playbook  

Topics: Inclusion, Workplace Culture, remote working

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