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Posted by Rilind Elezaj on Oct 10, 2019 2:46:37 PM
Rilind Elezaj

A happy and positive company culture can help your business grow at a rapid pace. It can boost the productivity of your employees. Also, such a company culture can reduce the attrition rate, which will help you retain your valued employees. The benefits of such a work culture are multipronged.

"While many company management understands these benefits, they are clueless when it comes to creating such a company culture. We will share seven different tips that can help you create and foster such a happy company culture." suggests Day Translations, a professional translation company. 


1. Do not micro-manage

Many company owners think that the way to boost productivity is to micro-manage their employees. You need to understand that micromanagement can create resentment. In such a case, the company culture will be affected. It will induce negativity into the company culture. Hence; it is advisable to avoid micromanagement.

A much better way to increase the productivity of your employees and create a happy work culture is to provide them with goals and let them work on their own. It will ensure that there is a sense of competition. When you induce the spirit of competition among employees along with valuing and appreciating your employees (6th tip), it will automatically help you create that happy work culture.



2. Offer impressive perks

If you want to create a happy work culture in your company, get something which they never expect from a company, they automatically become positive about their workplace. Such a positive attitude regarding their workplace helps them work more diligently and stay happy about their company and career. Some of the perks which you can offer your employees are:

• Health insurance

• A gym at the office

• Free cafeteria

• On-site daycare

• Gaming room

• Tickets to local events

When you provide your employees with such unexpected perks, it can change your office culture for the better. It will induce a sense of fun and excitement among employees. They will look forward to such perks and therefore, will value the company even more. When that happens, automatically they will be happier while working in that particular company.



3. Act on employee feedback

Many companies have a feedback mechanism. The problem is that the feedback is often lost. Very few companies act on that feedback. If you want to induce a happy work culture, it is essential to act on employee feedback.

When you do so, you will be able to change your office for the better. The employees will be the first ones to know about those changes. As a result, they will be more comfortable with working on the premises. When that feedback is acted upon, they will not only feel a sense of pride, but they will be quite happy to work for a company that listens to them. It is one of the easiest ways to induce a happy company culture.



4. Induce a purpose

Most companies give deadlines and goals to their employees. However, that can add to the workload. The high workload can degrade the morale of the employees. On the other hand, when you associate that workload with a mission, it becomes a challenge for the employees. The mission is the result which the company wants to achieve. It can motivate their employees to work better. The changing attitude of the employees can automatically convert resentment due to the workload to the excitement of meeting the deadlines.

When that happens, employees will be more than happy to put up the extra hours to complete those deadlines. That is why you have to not only induce a sense of purpose but also make sure that you convey the same to the employees. There are various ways to do so like:

• Defining the mission statement

• Reinforcing it through the messages or company communication

• Make sure that employees can go through it with ease

These three ways not only ensure that employees are aware of the purpose and the mission but also are reminded of it consistently. As a result, they will take up the goals and deadlines as a challenge which will certainly reduce stress and foster excitement and thrill of achieving the deadlines.



5. Hire a life coach

“When you want to create a happy work culture, it is essential to help employees transition from the current one. Instead of letting them fend for themselves, it is a good idea to hire a life coach who will work with your employees while providing advice and coaching to help them understand the new company culture” suggest Animas Coaching Centre.

The life coach can also provide guidance to your employees to boost their productivity, which will benefit your business. One of the main aims of the life coach is to induce positivity so that employees feel elated while working. A life coach can help employees in more ways than one. These include:

• Help them identify the obstacles

• Help them instill the new company culture

• Help employees have a positive attitude about work

All these results will immensely help not only the employees but also the company. That is why; one of the most efficient steps is to hire a life coach to create a happy company culture.



6. Value and appreciate your employees

Often, in large organizations, employees feel overlooked. When that is the case, resentment can creep in over the years. The best way to eliminate dissatisfaction and induce happiness is to value and appreciate your employees. You can conduct the felicitation event from time to time. When you do so, you can easily articulate the fact that you value your employees. There are many other measures which you can take like:

• Awarding the best employee each month

• Providing incentives to the best employee each month

• Not cribbing on additional benefits to employees

• Creating photo prints of your employees all around the office

When you follow these few tips, it becomes easy for you to show your appreciation towards your employees. Once they feel valued and appreciated, you can induce a happy work culture in your company.



7. Have fun days

If your employees think of the office as just a working place, sooner than later they will be bored of spending long hours at the office. That is why; you have to change their viewpoint regarding their workplace. You can organize various events like:

• Corporate parties

• Mocktail sessions

• Dance and aerobic routines

• Dine-in sessions

• And so on

When you do that, it will change the perception of the employees. When they perceive their workplace to be fun and happening, it will automatically create a happy company culture.

So, if you want to create a happy and positive company culture, these are the seven tips to follow. You need to understand that creating such a culture will benefit not only the employees but also the company. It will increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees without stressing them out.

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