Top 10 Gender-inclusive Employers 2018

Posted by VERCIDA on Dec 10, 2018 4:13:05 PM

Here at VERCIDA we conducted research to find out how our clients are tackling gender-inclusive in the workplace.  Who is going the extra mile to ensure equality, opportunity and fair treatment for all, irrespective of gender. Here are our top 10 Gender-Inclusive Employers of 2018. 

            1. 10. Bloomberg

            2. bloomberg logoThe Bloomberg Women’s Community connects and supports employees through gender-awareness, relationship-building and career development opportunities. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion and women in the workplace extends beyond Bloomberg. For example, the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) provides investors and organisations with standardised, aggregate data across company statistics, policies, products and community engagement. Bloomberg also supports global organisations that help increase women’s participation in STEM and finance fields. Bloomberg's Chairman, Peter Grauer, serves as the Founding Chair of the U.S. 30% Club, an organisation dedicated to achieving better gender balance on companies' boards, which encourages better leadership and governance across organisations.

            3. To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at Bloomberg click here.
          1. 9. AIG

          AIG LOGOWomen & Allies ERG - Women & Allies strive to create and foster a community of professionals with a shared interest in the professional development, attraction and retention of women within the organization. The mission of the Employee Resource Group is to create and foster a community of professionals with a shared interest in the professional development, attraction and retention of women in their organisation while providing visibility and the benefits of a strong and committed network. 

          AIG is committed to fostering diversity, equality, fairness and inclusion for all of its employees. We are working to reduce our gender pay gap and to achieve gender parity in our leadership pipeline.

          To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at AIG click here.  
          1. 8. FCA

          image-19For the FCA, gender-inclusive is important not only because it is fair and the right thing to do, but because it is also vitally important to any business and productivity. In support of their overall D&I ambition, FCA launched our ‘Building an Inclusive Culture’ campaign in 2017. The campaign focuses on helping us to achieve diversity and, through inclusive leadership, create an inclusive culture which realises the benefits of this diversity. They have set a target for 45% of our senior leadership team to identify as female by 2020, and 50% by 2025.


          To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at FCA click here.
      1. 7. Atos

      ATOS logoAtos has created several female initiatives in order to support female employees in their career.

      Female initiatives can help female employees right from the start of their career, through to their career progression. Many of these initiatives help advance women into leadership positions.

      To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at Atos click here.
    1. 6. Computacenter

    computacenter logoThere's an old adage that women, generally, are not prevalent in the IT and technology sector. However, the women in tech trend has begun to reverse. More women than ever are choosing a career in the tech sector.

    They have female members of staff trained as WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) ambassadors through the Herts Chamber of Commerce.

    Additionally, Computacenter is looking to support five local schools by offering work experience placements throughout 2017, helping educate students about the IT industry and the different careers in IT.

    To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at Computacenter click here.
  1. 5. CA Technologies

CA Technologies logoThe CA Technologies Gender Diversity work-stream has been instrumental in leading the Women In Leadership Programmes aimed at Senior and managerial level females to develop a structure for the development of women and support their career aspirations at CA and bring awareness to the development of a supporting culture for career development.

The Women in Leadership Programmes consist of two programmes, including the WATT programme (Women at the Top Black Swan Programme) targeted at SVP/Senior Females which has been rolled out to 30 females.


To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at CA Technologies click here.


      1. 4. Atkins

      atkins logoAtkins know that their ability to attract talented people and encourage you to stay with them is as much about the working environment they create as it is about the amazing projects they work on. ATKINS believe in being fair, equal and helping each other to improve and advance. It’s part of their culture and of everyone who works with them. They’re trying to change the perception that engineering is a man’s world!
    1. To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at Atkins click here.
    2. 3. UK Athletics

    uka logoA group of UK Athletics staff members who are passionate about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion have come together as part of the newly formed Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate group at the National Governing body. The group deliver ED&I initiatives and are charged with positive engagement and promotion for the ED&I agenda among their peers at UKA.

  1. To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at UKA click here. 
  2. 2. Morson International

MORSON INTERNATIONALMorson International has created network groups across different areas for employees to network, learn, share, develop and receive support. These sort of groups might hold events, organise volunteering or charity work, create workplace initiatives, be present during work council meetings and do a number of other activities. 

To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at Morson International click here.


  1. 1. HS2

hs2 logoThe HS2 network promotes and encourage gender balance for men and women. The network explores issues and opportunities to improve their organisation by addressing a range of topics including personal development, family friendly policies and events to promote HS2 as an employer to under-represented groups. This network will be further supported by memberships with WISE and BiTC.

To find out more about gender-inclusive initiatives at HS2 click here.



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